Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Pop Shop/(art)ifical Gallery Becomes Breakneck Gallery

After 6 fun and crazy years, the Pop Shop/(art)ificial Galleries will be retiring their names… for at least a few years. This news comes not as an economical down fall, but because of the newest addition to the Pop Shop family. My wife (Sarah) and I are expecting our first child in late September. I have made a very difficult decision to devote the time that once was “gallery time” to enjoying it with our new baby. The thoughts and goals planned for the Pop Shops future are to reopen in 3-5 years and continue its legacy. During its down time and lack of a “physical” home, the Pop Shop will become a conceptual gallery. The gallery will still plan, curate, and promote external events, and will remain quite active in the Cleveland arts. The Pop Shop Picture frame shop will STILL be available (17016 Madison) to aid in your custom framing needs. (We’re still around if you want to say hello.)
Have no fear on Cleveland losing another gallery. Arrangements have been made to pass the buck and support to two of the Pop Shop’s longest supporters and artists. Sean and Kristen Burns will be taking over and bringing Break Neck Gallery ( in August to the Pop Shop/(art)ificial Space. Please visit their facebook page, and see what they have planned for their grand openings! I expect nothing but great things with Sean and Kristen’s decision to take the over the space. I’m confident that their galleries will become the front runner for the Cleveland Scene in very little time.
Please join the Pop Shop Gallery as it houses its last few shows (June 18th – The $50 Show, July 9th- Avenging Cleveland/Midnights on Oak, and Aug 20th – Who the Hell is Josh Usmani?) this summer. At this time the gallery will only be reviewing work for the $50 show and Avenging Cleveland. Other submissions will be directed to Break Neck Gallery. The Pop Shop would like to thank everyone who has helped support the arts, the community, and local businesses like itself. Art is and has been a very important factor in my life for many years. I strive to keep art growing in the Cleveland area and I hope you will too. Thank you. See you again in a few years. R!ch Cihlar

To contact BreakNeck Gallery (for submissions) email or call 216.233.3326