Friday, December 10, 2010

Feb 12th, 2011: Armored Charmers featuring Cleveland artists Bob Peck, Steve Knerem and Sorin Gabor

The name "Armored Charmers" can be applied to both the artist's work and
the artists themselves. In their solo works of art, each piece is a
highly-stylized product. Flowing lines, bursts of fluid color, waves,
tentacles, brushstrokes and skulls all inhabit Steve Knerem, Bob Peck, and
Sorin Gabor's paintings and drawings. When collaborating, they layer and
interlock their trademark designs, creating illustrative structures that
appear capable of fighting off a giant monster in downtown Tokyo.

The trio bring everything from anatomic to abstract in a
art endeavor to remember.

As for the artists themselves, at first glimpse these tattooed, bearded
pierced creatives look more like the group you don't want to meet in the
dark corner of a gritty concert venue, but get to know them and you'll see
they just want to make you a pretty picture!

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